12 best coworking cafés in Lisbon (Wi-Fi included)

Limited work space, new co-workers that double as spouses, children and pets and a morning commute traded in for a walk across the hall – this is the reality for many who have transitioned to working from home in 2020.

Maybe you’re finding a drop in your productivity, or maybe you’re just itching for a change of scenery, whatever the case is, you’re certainly not alone. While work-from-home life may be the reality for a while longer yet, we’re dreaming of the days when co-working spaces and coffee shops are able to welcome back remote workers with open arms. 

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Read on for 12 of the best co-working cafés in the city to get some fresh focus in an awesome environment:

1. Benjamin Coffee House @benjamincoffeehouse

Rua do Possolo 52, 1350-250 Lisboa, Portugal

Into cold brew? Then Benjamin Coffee House won’t disappoint. Skipped breakfast to get your day going? Grab a breakfast bowl or smoothie to start your workday off right. Super welcoming, with an authentic and organic feel thanks to all the greenery. Few tables, so arrive early.

2. Bowls & Bar @bowlsbar 

R. de São Bento 51, 1200-815 Lisboa, Portugal

Known for their #alldaybreakfast and #specialitycoffee, Bowls & Bar has a cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. Good amount of food options and includes Vegan dishes with many dairy-free alternatives for your drinks. Popular with nomads and young professionals, you won’t feel out of place working here. 

3. Heim Café @heim.café

R. Santos-O-Velho 2 e 4, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal

You’ll be breathing in lots of brain-powering O2 at Heim Café thanks to their large collection of plants. It’s a popular spot for tourists and locals alike, so watch out as it can get easily crowded. Simple, fresh food and good ingredients, you certainly won’t get hungry working here. Great iced coffee and the smoothies are quite popular too!

4. Seagull Method Café @seagullmethodcafe

R. da Palmeira 23, 1200-311 Lisboa, Portugal

Tucked away in a back street with friendly and accommodating staff, warm earth tones and a charming atmosphere make Seagull Method Café a great option if you’re looking for a spot to focus. Food is original and delicious with many good vegetarian options as well.

5. Boutik @boutiklisboa

R. de São Bento 106D, 1200-820 Lisboa, Portugal

Easy going, high-quality atmosphere and good vibes. What else could you ask from a co-working space? This spot tends to be busy mid-day but quieter both morning and late afternoon. Featuring a whole array of furniture, you can get comfortable on an armchair or at one of their tables. The food is colourful and delicious so make sure to come with an appetite.

6. EleEla Café @eleelacafe

R. Santos-O-Velho 116 e 118, 1200-813 Lisboa, Portugal

Adhering to the less is more mentality, ElaEla Café is simple, chic and offers a minimalistic vibe that helps you stay focused on your work. Everyone raves about their croissants, so make sure not to miss them. The staff is friendly and the coffee is amazing. 

7. The Mill @themillpt

R. do Poço dos Negros 1, 1200-335 Lisboa, Portugal

If you're a coffee aficionado and love great food made with fresh ingredients, this is the place for you. Best Aussie breakfast in Lisbon. Fresh food and great friendly service. It can get pretty crowded though so arrive early.

8. Ler Por Aí Café @lerporai

R. Jacinta Marto 10B, 1150-192 Lisboa, Portugal

For those of you who are more productive in the afternoons/evenings, this is the spot for you. Open between 16h-21h Ler For Aí Café is a café/bookshop that offers a pleasant spot to get a few hours of work in. Find a table inside or if you’re lucky you can snag a spot outdoors. Good coffee, great atmosphere.

9. The Royal Rawness @royalrawness

Praça David Leandro da Silva 2, 1950-131 Lisboa, Portugal

With large windows the light pours into the bright and modern space of The Royal Rawness. The must-try menu item at this spot is their flat whites. They roast their own coffee on-site so be prepared for heavenly smells that will keep you alert and working.

10. Pois Café @poiscafe

R. de São João da Praça 93 95, 1100-521 Lisboa, Portugal

Located in Lisbon’s oldest district, if you like working in a comfy and cozy environment then Pois Café is your place. An assortment of furniture, splashes of colour, and a laid-back vibe, all under stone archways. An ideal place to start your morning and arriving early will ensure you a spot as this is a popular joint for those working from laptops. Known for their creative salads and assortment of fresh juices. 

11. Selva @selva.lisboa 

R. Luís de Camões 112 A, 1300-361 Lisboa, Portugal

Delicious lattes, strong wifi and an easy-going atmosphere. Great ambience and high tables that allow for work both sitting and standing up. Be prepared to meet a handful of other digital nomads and those looking to escape their home offices for a couple of hours.

12. Unobvious Lab @unobvious.lab 

R. das Janelas Verdes 128 C, 1200-690 Lisboa, Portugal

Terrific open space for a solid day’s work. Advertised as a true co-working space, the atmosphere at Unobvious Lab is awesome. They have a large space with a spacious second floor. Fantastic brunch options and if you’re feeling like a little happy hour break, try one of the amazing beers they have on tap.

You can share your tips for coworking cafés in this discussion.

All coworking cafés on the map 🗺️

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