Don't Buy a Property Without This Report

Get a transparent audit of the the property you are going to buy

Real estate agent want to close the deal and the a commission.

You want to buy a good property that is going to give you optionality.

Perhaps you want to live there in the next years and leave it appreciate.

But you also want to have option to rent it.

Can you rent it on Airbnb? How much it could make?

Does the property need a renovation? How much should you invest?

Too many questions... You need data from someone who is not trying to fool you.

Share details of the property you are going to buy (Idealista link is fine) and we will prepare you a detailed report in the next 48 hours.

What type of data are you going to get in this report?

1. Renovation costs

- Calculated for 3 different standards (budget, standard, luxury)

- We work closely with an active construction company to make sure this data is accurate

2. Short term rental estimates

- How easy/hard is it to get a license

- Annual Revenue

- Average daily rate

- Occupancy rate

- Operating expenses

- Net operating income

3. Longterm rental estimates

- Annual revenue

- Estimated monthly rent

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