Ajuda is an outer suburb of Lisbon and has a more ‘village’ feel compared with more central neighborhoods. Options for bus and train stations here are non-existent, but you can still hop on a bus as it makes its way towards the center of Lisbon.

Ajuda is close to the sea and offers an abundance of parks and green areas. Due to the quaint neighborhood feel, Ajuda is not a common choice for digital nomads and expats. If you’re looking for a tight-knit community, which sheds off some of that inner-city feel, this neighbourhood is a good option.

🏠 Property prices: Slightly lower than average

📸 Tourist density: Very low

🌳 Green areas and parks: Plenty of

💻 Coworking density: No coworkings

🌍 Nomad/expat popularity: Not very popular

📍 Distance from the city centre: Remote

🚌 Public transportation: Bad

🚇 Access to metro: No


Ajuda, for some authenticity. Close to the beaches, boat to the other side of the river - train, tram, bus to any part of the city. Next to the river and Monsanto park. - Ana, July 2021

I don't like very much upper part of Ajuda (around Rua Sitio do Casalinho) because of the gypsy social neighbour nearby (Casalinho da Ajuda), they are not very friendly... I prefer Ajuda a bit lower near Belém or Restelo despite the fact it may be more expensive than the area you mentioned. - Pedro, August 2021

I loved living in Ajuda ! Although I was lower, in Rua Bica do Marques. One of my favorite neighborhoods. Very calm, small village vibes, and from my experience it was very safe. - Camile, August 2021

I live in Ajuda right by the Mercado D’Ajuda and I am a young female who lives alone. Feel SUPER safe and personally love the area!. - Monica, August 2021

There is a good offer of reliable public transports: buses, tram and night bus. It takes you on average (cause the bairro is big) 10 min walking to reach the train station in Belem that then takes you to cascais or cais do sodre, and you can even take the boat to Costa de Caparica. Bus to whatever you wanna call "the city" takes 20 min. It is not a bougie area full of Starbucks or fancy and expensive coffees but has an amazing vibe. - Ana, April 2020

Close to Monsanto Park, which is great place for exercising, jogging and beautiful park overall. Bus network works great. Not too many tourists. Plenty of small shops. Good access to Belem and with a ferry to Costa da Caparica beach. Good place for living. - Teemu, April 2020

It's suburban, not central, but charming and village-like, much cheaper, and full of locals not tourists.Transports not so bad: Belem rail, 18 tram and lots of buses (incl. Nightbus). - Alex, April 2020

Close to the sea, close to Belem, village like feeling, locals take foreigners in and are friendly. Good up and coming restaurant scene. - Juuso, April 2020

The mix between modern culture and old traditions. - Rita, April 2020

Ajuda is a bit outside the center but with good flats, calm areas and a lot of cafes and public places to hang - Andrea, May 2019

It's a big area, if you get a house on the most lower part (2/3 blocks close to Alcantara-Belem) and very close to main road that crosses all over Ajuda - Calçada da Ajuda - u will be ok, but if you are on the upper parts and far from that central path road, you may just get mugged every single night (avoid at all costs to be close to - Casalinho da Ajuda, (googlemap it) - Carlos, August 2020

I live in Ajuda. Its alright. Quiet and peaceful neighbourhood. Cons, can get really boring if you are more like a party person or more socially inclined. (I don't really party much, but have invited some friends over a couple of times at weekends and my neighbours have complained about the noise, even though we had used a little speaker for background music and were just chatting). And yes, no metro. But I doubt if that'd be a problem when you get used to the buses. There are plenty of routes available and Cais do sodre is just about 20 minutes away if you take the 732 or 760. - Estefania, August 2020

I live in Calcada da Ajuda and it is really nice area (at least where I live). It really feels like a village in the city and at least I like this local vibe. Belem with all museums and river side for running, parks including Monsanto are really close. Con's - no metro. Also I really miss living in the city center sometimes just to able to go out more easily (was not an issue past few months though). So really depends what are your own preferences. I prefer to live further from the center in a nicer apartment rather that in a shity apartment but in the center for the same price - Agné, August 2020

Well, I would say the calm, the cultural part, the green places we have to take walks or runs nearby. The gastronomical offer, the public transportation. I have lived in at least 4 neighborhoods in Lisbon such has Graça, Alvalade, Areeiro and Ajuda. And by far, Ajuda is the one that gives me the most complete experience. In every way you can imagine. - Nuno, May 2021

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🌳 Green areas and parks: Plenty of (Parque da Tapada da Ajuda, Centro Equestre - Centro Hípico de Montes Claros, Miradouro Montes Claros, Jardim das Damas, Jardim Botânico da Ajuda)

🥑 Local market: Mercado da Ajuda

🏥 Hospitals: 0

🏊 Swimming pools: 0

🖥️ Coworking spaces: 0


🚇 Metro: No metro station

🚂 Train stations (intercity): No train stations

🚌 Bus station (intercity): No bus station

🏖️ Direct bus/train to the beach: No

🚲 Bike lanes density: Low

Real Estate Prices

💸 Average price: 4.156 €/m2

📊 Comparison with the last year: +3,6 %

⚖️ Average price in Lisbon: 5.084 €/m2


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Overview of Ajuda

Ajuda, a neighborhood in Lisbon, Portugal, offers a unique blend of modern culture and traditional charm. This village-like suburb is celebrated for its peaceful environment, with a local and authentic vibe, far from the bustling city center.

Ajuda offers a balance of nature and urban amenities, with its close proximity to the sea, Belem, and Monsanto park. It's not overly touristy, which adds to its appeal, and has a burgeoning restaurant scene.

Public transportation is commendable, including buses, trams, and a night bus. Although there are no metro stations, it's well-connected by road, with major routes like Calçada da Ajuda running through.

Some areas, notably the upper part of Ajuda and Casalinho da Ajuda, have been flagged as less friendly, but the lower parts of the district are considered safer. Housing options in Ajuda are diverse and generally cheaper than the city center, making it a preferred residential area despite its distance from the heart of Lisbon.

Its overall tranquil character might not be ideal for those seeking an active nightlife, but the availability of cafés and public places for socializing helps to compensate for this.

History of Ajuda

The parish of Ajuda is located between Belém beach and the Monsanto mountain range. It was a place not conducive to agriculture. Legend has it that a shepherd, passing by, had an apparition of the Virgin. The news spread quickly, and soon came believers who settled there. The Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Ajuda was built to worship the Virgin, which also led to the construction of houses and tents.

The small shrine quickly gave way to a larger church. The number of pilgrims grew every year, even the highest members of society paid devotion to Our Lady of Help. An example of this was D. Catarina, wife of D. João III. The nobility tried to settle in the place to better worship the Virgin, making Ajuda an area for wealthy people to live in.

The parish was established in 1551.

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