Ajuda is an outer suburb of Lisbon and has a more ‘village’ feel compared with more central neighborhoods. Options for bus and train stations here are non-existent, but you can still hop on a bus as it makes its way towards the center of Lisbon.

Ajuda is close to the sea and offers an abundance of parks and green areas. Due to the quaint neighborhood feel, Ajuda is not a common choice for digital nomads and expats. If you’re looking for a tight-knit community, which sheds off some of that inner-city feel, this neighbourhood is a good option.

🏠 Property prices: Slightly lower than average

📸 Tourist density: Very low

🌳 Green areas and parks: Plenty of

💻 Coworking density: No coworkings

🌍 Nomad/expat popularity: Not very popular

📍 Distance from the city centre: Remote

🚌 Public transportation: Bad

🚇 Access to metro: No


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🌳 Green areas and parks: Plenty of (Parque da Tapada da Ajuda, Centro Equestre - Centro Hípico de Montes Claros, Miradouro Montes Claros, Jardim das Damas, Jardim Botânico da Ajuda)

🥑 Local market: Mercado da Ajuda

🏥 Hospitals: 0

🏊 Swimming pools: 0

🖥️ Coworking spaces: 0

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🚇 Metro: No metro station

🚂 Train stations (intercity): No train stations

🚌 Bus station (intercity): No bus station

🏖️ Direct bus/train to the beach: No

🚲 Bike lanes density: Low

Real Estate Prices

💸 Average price: 3782 €/m2

📊 Comparison with the last year: -12,9 %

⚖️ Average price in Lisbon: 4595 €/m2


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