🏠 Property prices: Slightly higher than average

📸 Tourist density: High

🌳 Green areas and parks: Plenty of

💻 Coworking density: Very low

🌍 Nomad/expat popularity: Quite popular

📍 Distance from the city centre: Remote

🚌 Public transportation: OK-ish

🚇 Access to metro: No

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Prices of real estate (July 2020)

💸 Average price: 5215 €/m2

📊 Comparison with the last year: -1 %

⚖️ Average price in Lisbon: 4595 €/m2


🚇 Metro: No metro station

🚂 Train stations (intercity): Belém (direction Cascais)

🚌 Bus station (intercity): No bus station

🏖️ Direct bus/train to the beach: Yes, direction Cascais (train from Belém)

🚲 Bike lanes density: Medium

⛴️ Ferry: from Belém to Porto Brandão and Trafaria


🌳 Green areas and parks: Plenty of Jardim Vasco da Gama, Jardim Central Tejo - MAAT, Jardim Pulido Garcia, Parque Recreativo dos Moinhos de Santana, Jardim Afonso de Albuquerque, Jardim Ducla Soares, Jardim do Japão, Jardins do Palácio Nacional de Belém, Jardim da Torre de Belém, Jardim Botânico Tropical, Jardim da Praça do Império, Jardim Fernanda Castro, Jardim do Museu de Etnologia

🏥 Hospitals: Hospital São Francisco Xavier (public)

🏊 Swimming pools: Piscina Municipal do Restelo

🖥️ Coworking spaces: 1 Cowork Torre Belém

👀 Viewpoints: Miradouro da Torre de Belém, Miradouro do Padrão dos Descobrimentos


📸 Density of touristsHigh

🏨 Hotels: Some hotels

🛏️ Airbnb listings: Several Airbnbs


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