Costa da Caparica

The Costa da Caparica is a long stretch of sandy beach, popular with surfers and tourists. The beach is lined by rows of highrise apartments. The town is said to be similar to Zandvoort in the Netherlands, only with better waves. There are a few options for getting into Lisbon from Caparica. A 40-minute bus ride will take you into the centre.

A faster option would be to take a taxi or drive yourself, which would take approximately 15 minutes. The Costa da Caparica is a popular place to live, as it’s close to the beach and city. If you’re looking for co-working spaces, this town is a good option.

🏠 Property prices: Cheaper than Lisbon

📸 Tourist density: Many tourists

🥾 Good for hiking: Yes, along the coast

💻 Coworking space: Yes

🌍 Nomads & expats: None

🏖️ By ocean: Yes

🏄 Good for surfing: Yes

🚌 By public transport to Lisbon: 40 min by bus


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