Just out of the center, yet close enough for convenience, you'll find Estrela. Estrela offers a happy medium for most who choose to live there. If you’re a couple, family, or individual moving to Lisbon for the first time, this Lisbon neighborhood is a great place to start.

Estrela offers plenty of green areas to relax and hang out with friends, most notably Jardim da Estrela - the focal point of the neighborhood. This neighborhood is so popular, partly on account of the unique integration of Portuguese and foreign residents. This popularity has driven house prices to rise, and coworking spaces remain few.

Popular sub-neighborhood: São Bento

🏠 Property prices: Slightly higher than average

📸 Tourist density: Medium

🌳 Green areas and parks: Several

💻 Coworking density: Few coworkings

🌍 Nomad/expat popularity: Extremely popular

📍 Distance from the city centre: Relatively central

🚌 Public transportation: Bad

🚇 Access to metro: No


I lived later in Santos/Madres area, nice local vibe, great smell of coffee being roasted on Monday and Tuesday am's. 15min walk to central, good bus routes nearby. Good run route from there down to Belem along the river. I was 'digital nomad' staying for 1 year. I'd choose different area's if I was with a partner or had kids. - Vertex, December 2020

Santos: After a few intensive days looking for apartments a few years ago, Santos became the obvious choice. Not too touristy (like Chiado), everyone speaks English, friendly people, lots of cozy places, and the area is always evolving to the better. Walking distance to almost everything of interest in town. Not too much traffic around. Some of Lisbons best cafes and restaurants are in this area too, so you rarely have to walk more than a few minutes to find great options. - Markus, November 2020

Charming, beautiful, calm (but not boring), has great infrastructure (public transport, parking places, banks, shopping, medicine, sports, great restaurants, park). It is close enough to down town to go there by foot, but has enough distance from (stupid) mass tourism. Hotels and airbnbs are very discreet and normally not disturbing locals. Great local (portuguese and international) community. One of the few (2-3) areas in Lisbon, where quality life with kids is possible without being in suburbia kind of situation. - Anastasia, October 2020

The neighborhood is close to the important things in the centre (10-15 min walk) but feels cozier and less touristy. There are lots of families and friendly people, and Estrela Park is a highlight. There are also many markets close by. - Therese, June 2020

São Bento retains the charm of the historic city centre, it's close to the action and the waterfront while offering a peaceful sanctuary away from the crowds. - Michal, August 2020

Hi, my own one (Sao Bento). It's a lovely mix of foreigners and Portuguese. Centrally located without being in the tourist throng. - Susan, June 2020

Sao Bento: It's so many things at once depending what time of day you walk thru, so alive. - Justin, April 2020

Estrela. I love how close it is to many of my favorite cafes, restaurants, and miradouros, but still quite calm and quiet and near to the park. - Timea, August 2020

Santos: An eclectic mix of historic and modern, a fantastic community and possibly the best integration of expats and locals in lisbon. - Rishav, May 2020

Close to the centre, yet quiet and not full of tourists, Ideal for families, beautiful park. - Martin, September 2021

A peaceful, colourful neighbourhood full of independent shops and restaurants, close to the city centre without the noise and inconvenience of living there. Oh and Jardim de Estrela is fantastic too. It’s calmness and beauty, and feeling as if you are in a bubble. I could quite happily never leave this neighbourhood. - Mairea, April 2020

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🌳 Green areas and parks: Several Praça de São Bento, Jardim 9 de Abril, Jardim da Estrela, Tapada das Necessidades,  Jardim das Francesinhas, Jardim Olavo Bilac, Jardim Elisa Baptista Sousa Pedroso, Jardim de Santos, Jardim Cinco de Outubro, Jardim da Parada dos Prazeres

🥑 Local market: Mercado de São Bento

🏥 Hospitals: Hospital CUF Infante Santo (private)

🏊 Swimming pools: 0

🖥️ Coworking spaces: 3 Scape, LASC, Draper Startup House

👀 Viewpoints: Miradouro da Rocha de Conde de Óbidos, Miradouro da Basílica da Estrela


🚇 Metro: No metro station

🚂 Train stations (intercity): Santos

🚌 Bus station (intercity): No bus station

🏖️ Direct bus/train to the beach: Yes, direction Cascais (train from Santos)

🚲 Bike lanes density: Low

Real Estate Prices

💸 Average price: 5.974 €/m2

📊 Comparison with the last year: +15,7 %

⚖️ Average price in Lisbon: 5.084 €/m2


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Overview of Estrela

Estrela, a neighborhood in Lisbon, Portugal, is an enchanting area boasting a blend of historic charm and modern appeal. Its residential streets emanate calm and tranquility, offering a refreshing escape from the tourist hustle and bustle of the city center.

Conveniently located, it's within a 15-minute walk of the city center, making it an ideal setting for both locals and foreigners. The district is an idyllic mix of family-friendly ambiance and the dynamic energy of city life, attracting a diverse crowd.

Public transport, parking, and a wide variety of services such as banks, shops, and medical facilities are readily accessible, further enhancing the appeal. Estrela Park, a local highlight, adds a splash of green to the urban setting.

The neighborhood offers an eclectic mix of dining options, from cozy cafes to top-notch restaurants, and a delightful community spirit that seamlessly integrates expats and locals. In addition, Sao Bento, a charming area within Estrela, offers a vibrant yet peaceful haven close to the waterfront.

Overall, Estrela stands as an example of harmonious city living, rich in culture, community, and convenience.

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