Caxias is a small neighbourhood situated in the municipality of Oeiras. Caxias loiters just outside of the main hubbub of Lisbon but property prices here do not differ much from the city. Caixas can feel like a world away from the busy Lisbon streets, hunkered down by the ocean. The neighbourhood has a beach, backed by orange tiled buildings and green hills.

The beach is very sheltered, making it a good beach for a cooling dip in the ocean. A good swell will also push a few waves into the bay too. Caixas has become a popular getaway for expats and locals in search of a slower pace of life. The coworking scene here is yet to flourish, however.

🏠 Property prices: Similar to Lisbon

📸 Tourist density: Not many

🥾 Good for hiking: No

💻 Coworking space: No

🌍 Nomads & expats: Yes

🏖️ By ocean: Yes

🏄 Good for surfing: Yes

🚆 By public transport to Lisbon: 17 min by train


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