Cacilhas is a small neighbourhood found in Almada. The cost of living here is far cheaper compared with Lisbon, but living here still puts you within 10 minutes of Lisbon’s city centre. A 10-minute ferry will take you across the river and into the centre. Alternatively, you can find bus routes heading straight into the city from Cacilhas.

From this side of the river, you’ll have access to stunning views across the river, as boats pass in and out of the river mouth. The primary attraction of Cacilhas is the selection of delicious seafood restaurants found within the neighbourhood. 2 19th-century naval vessels are docked within the harbour at Cacilhas.

🏠 Property prices: Cheaper than Lisbon

📸 Tourist density: Some

🥾 Good for hiking: No

💻 Coworking space: Yes

🌍 Nomads & expats: Some

🏖️ By ocean: No (but river)

🏄 Good for surfing: No

⛴️ By public transport to Lisbon: 10 min by ferry


Cacilhas is a neighborhood in Almada, not a city. I’ve been living in Almada since nov/19 a little bit after Cacilhas (cova da piedade) and It has been good so far. I used to live in Alcantara before, everything here is cheaper and you get in lisbon in aprox. 15min on public transport - Arthur, September 2020

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