Oeiras sits upon the intersection of the River Tagus and the Atlantic ocean, neighbouring Carcavelos. Whereas Carcavelos receives the most attention, Oeiras is quieter and more reserved. Tourism rarely spills over into the town but is a popular option for locals and expats who looking for a blend of rural/city living.

The prices of properties here are not so different from those within the big city, but Oeiras does offer a glimmer of calm compared with Lisbon itself. Just twenty-five minutes by train and you can arrive in the heart of Lisbon. There are several beaches nearby which are popular with surfers, but hiking routes are minimal.

🏠 Property prices: Similar to Lisbon

📸 Tourist density: Not many

🥾 Good for hiking: No

💻 Coworking space: Yes

🌍 Nomads & expats: Yes

🏖️ By ocean: Yes

🏄 Good for surfing: Yes

🚆 By public transport to Lisbon: 24 min by train


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