Just over an hour by car from Lisbon, lies Peniche - the gem in Portugal surfing crown. Peniche’s unique geographical formation has made the town a hotspot for surfers. The town lacks a little of the charm found in Ericeira, but for most, the waves make up for this. Despitemaritime its size, Peniche houses a huge number of tourists throughout the year.

During the summer months, streets are full, and the lineups are dominated by hundreds of surfers. The town has a young vibe, Portugal’s nucleus of surf tourism. A massive range of surf houses, hostels, restaurants and cafes dominate the town. The lively energy has made Peniche a popular destination for modern nomadic workers and travellers. If you’re not hooked on surfing, this dynamic stretch of coastline offers great opportunities for hiking enthusiasts too. 

🏠 Property prices: Cheaper than Lisbon

📸 Tourist density: Many tourists

🥾 Good for hiking: Yes, along the coast

💻 Coworking space: Yes

🌍 Nomads & expats: Yes

🏖️ By ocean: Yes

🏄 Good for surfing: Yes

🚌 By public transport to Lisbon: 1h 35min by bus


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