Alcântara neighborhood feels quieter, as it drifts away from the busy Lisbon city center. Property prices start to diminish slightly. Nevertheless, public transportation here is good and grants fast access to many other areas of Lisbon either by taxi or bus.

Unfortunately, this neighborhood does not have access to a metro station, but there are two beaches only a bus ride away. Alcântara hosts its fair share of parks, perfect for enjoying a well-earned lunch break in the sun. Many who live in the Alcântara neighbourhood praise the community for its acceptance of cultural diversity.

🏠 Property prices: Average

📸 Tourist density: Medium

🌳 Green areas and parks: Some

💻 Coworking density: Few coworkings

🌍 Nomad/expat popularity: Popular

📍 Distance from the city centre: Remote

🚌 Public transportation: OK-ish

🚇 Access to metro: No


Close to center, but quiet. close to train - Angie, April 2020

The best area in Alcântara district is Alto de Santo Amaro. Here you have the real neighbourhood feeling. Everyone knows each other. You have everything that you need: banks, pharmacies, schools, restaurants, fish shops, butchers, croissinteries, sightseeing spots, gardens, cultural events.You are 3 minutes walking from the river and 5 minutes by car from the highway and from the bridge. - João, April 2020

It has a local as well as an international vibe, many good specialty shops and restaurants, great links to the rest of the city (sadly no metro, but lots of trains and buses), and it's close to Lisbon's largest park. All this without being touristy. Oh, and the views of the 25th of April bridge are amazing, especially on foggy winter days! - Marek, April 2020

It's where I live :) I love it because it has a perfect mix of local & foreign, traditional & trendy, there's space (streets are larger than other neighborhoods), it has beautiful views to the bridge and you can reach the river in less than 10min walking. It's also perfect for commuting to other areas of Lisbon avoiding the traffic, either by car through Monsanto (North, Cascais) or to the city center (5min with my scooter or less than 5€ by Uber). It is also very gardened, which I appreciate. Finally, I have some nice friends living close by :) - Inês, April 2020

It's easy access over the bridge, to lisbon centre as well as the beaches, a great mix of locals and foreigners, plus stunning views to walk from the marina to Belem and green space to exercise. Loads of close by super markets too Lidl, big pingo doce, mini preço And close to Montsanto park. - Staceye, March 2021

Loved it when I lived there. Tapada das necessidades is my fav park in Lisbon and the marina/promenade all the way to Belem is a great place for jogging, outdoor dining, or just contemplating life :) - Doris, April 2021

I'm here at the moment and it's mixed. We're on a nice street but just around the corner it's obvious there's a bit of a drug problem - Lucinda, March 2021

I do and love it! Best cafe is Selva Lisboa , and my favorite places to get groceries (sustainably) are Mercearia-Monte do Lavrador and Zero Laboratório. All owned by great people. - Amanda, March 2021

I live the road parallel to this one, I loooove it! Best neighbourhood around IMO - Hayley, April 2021

Local Portuguese vibe mixed with new hipster places. Easy stroll to the riverside or to Monsanto. Good access to city center but also to Cascais and Caparica beaches. - Bernadett, April 2021

Worst than the bridge noise (we call it the Alcantara bees :)) are the planes. But you get used to it. Love it here. Haven't used coworking spaces yet, but Selva cafe is nice. - Andreia, April 2021

Great neighbourhood, Lx factory of course and a huge new project being developed which will def make Alcantara even better (Rivart). Most of the neighbourhood still free parking. Easy acces to the beaches and highway. Good property prices. - Tom, April 2021

Good prices. Authentic. Lively, even during lockdown and will likely improve now. It's nice to stroll around Lx Factory (i guess you already know) and the street called R. Luís de Camões got lots of shops and restaurants. The area around the new CUF will likely be even more popular in the near future. - Markus, April 2021

Lovely neighbourhood. I lived in R Alcantara, really cool airbnb, next to the bridge, but not too close so that the trains wouldn't let me sleep. The best coworking for me was Scape, it's literally on the river side, recommend it a lot! - Matas, April 2021

Definitely not the city center however as any other neighborhood it has its own city center style streets with local shops, train, buses and tram to the city center. You can easily go to the river side, sunsets are great and if you have a car/bike you can easily go to Monsanto which is a huge florest! - Rubens, April 2022

You can walk everywhere. And it gives you the sence of living in a typical Portuguese neighbourhood a step from the beach, eith access to a cycle lane that goes across the city up to Cascais. & one of the coolest spots in Lisbon LX Factory. A lot of nice coffee places around. - Mariana, April 2022

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🌳 Green areas and parks: Some Parque Recreativo do Alvito, Jardim Avelar Brotero, Alameda Keil do Amaral, Jardim do Palácio Valle Flor

🥑 Local market: Mercado de Alcântara

🏥 Hospitals: Hospital Egas Moniz (public)

🏊 Swimming pools: Alvito Municipal Swimming Pool

🖥️ Coworking spaces: 4 Cowork Lisboa, Impact Hub, Village Undergrand, Le Consulat Coworking

👀 Viewpoint: Experiência Pilar 7, Miradouro de Santo Amaro


🚇 Metro: No metro station

🚂 Train stations (intercity): Alcântara-Terra and Alcântara-Mar

🚌 Bus station (intercity): No bus station

🏖️ Direct bus/train to the beach: Yes, direction Cascais (train from Alcântara-Terra) and direction Costa da Caparica (bus from Alcântara)

🚲 Bike lanes density: Low

Real Estate Prices

💸 Average price: 6.855 €/m2

📊 Comparison with the last year: +36,1 %

⚖️ Average price in Lisbon: 5.084 €/m2


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Overview of Alcântara

Alcântara, a neighborhood in Lisbon, Portugal, is characterized by its quiet charm yet close proximity to the city center. The area is a harmonious blend of local authenticity and international flair, with an impressive array of specialty shops, restaurants, and notable cultural events.

The district offers excellent transportation connections, including trains and buses, while lacking a metro station. Renowned for its remarkable views of the 25th of April bridge, Alcântara is a mere few minutes' walk from the river, making it a wonderful place for riverside strolls and exercise.

Areas like Alto de Santo Amaro provide a strong neighborhood feel, with amenities such as banks, pharmacies, and schools, while the district is close to Lisbon's largest park, Monsanto. Local treasures include the beloved Tapada das Necessidades park and the vibrant Lx Factory area.

However, the neighborhood has its challenges, with some reports of drug-related issues. Nevertheless, the district overall is a lovely mix of Portuguese vibe and new hipster locales, offering an appealing residential option with good property prices.

History of Alcântara

The Alcântara XXI urban study will be developed over 43 hectares by the hand of four architects: Frederico Valsassina and Manuel Aires Mateus, Mário Sua Kay (who replaces Siza Vieira and his famous towers) and Jean Nouvel. Valsassina and Aires Mateus have in their hands the spaces of the former Mirandela and Pinhol and the Carris facilities, and propose the creation of eight-storey buildings for housing, offices and commerce and a transport interface that connects Carris, the Metro and the Trains from Portugal.

The two architects also foresee some road changes with the creation of new streets. Sua Kay continues to Nova Alcântara, which, at this stage, foresees the construction of four buildings of six floors each, on Avenida da Índia, for offices, and the recovery of the Sidul refinery building. Also planned is the recovery of the former textile factory of Bernardo Daupiás, where a day center, an ATL (leisure workshop) and a center for the elderly will be installed.

Jean Nouvel, a French architect, proposes the construction of three blocks with housing, offices and craft workshops, narrow streets that lead to four small interior squares. There will be a larger square, a fresh market, lakes with waterfalls, an oasis with palm trees and a vertical garden with a mega parasol. The buildings will be clad in Arabic-inspired geometric tiles.

On April 28, 2008, the "Nova Alcântara" plan was officially presented by the current government. This plan aims to increase the capacity of the Container Terminal and the railway connection in a tunnel between the Cascais line and the belt line. This connection allows for direct trains between the Cascais line and stations such as Entre Campos and facilitates the transport of goods from the Port of Lisbon. Due to the international crisis, the project was set aside, although the Lisbon Metro planned to continue the Yellow line to Alcântara.

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